“Rebeca made me believe in therapy for the first time. Our connection was immediate about 5 years ago. I saw results. We did two face-to-face sessions and the remaining (several session), happened through Skype which turned out to be an effective method. I believe it is Rebeca who makes it effective. It is amazing how she is really present in the sessions with me and can understand the different needs of the different moments in a very genuine way. Solidly trained, Rebeca is sweet, assertive, focused and has a rare empathic capacity that makes her an excellent professional. Someone who was born for it. “


“I had some experience being in therapy with a psychologist, before I decided to move to do psychotherapy with Rebeca. They are very distinct techniques. The work that is done in psychotherapy can be more truthful and demanding. I remember feeling that one session corresponded to 2 or 3 of the others. The sessions improved the resleased of my emotions. It was not just a matter of sharing information, I had to live every word and confront my statements.  Everything I verbalized is part of me, exists and has reason to be, so it could not be ignored. “


“Working with Rebeca was very important to me because it touched all the strands of my being and provided me with a better self-knowledge, helping me deal with internal issues and dilemmas.”


“Learn to listen and take care of the little girl is inside you” – Until today, this sentence is present in my daily life, because with Rebeca I learned and grew as a person. Thank you for guiding and helping me.”


“There are past experiences, emotional traumas that are not easy to share, feel and explore. However, it is often imperative to do so in order to overcome our blocks and let go of our chains. The Transformation Game allows us to do this in a safe way. In a single game, where everything depends on us and our surrender, we have the opportunity to “live” and resolve the concerns that often afflict us and keep us from being happy.”


“The personal and profound work of restoring self-love is difficult, especially when it has distanced itself considerably from our adult being, from our body and lost in the intricacies of our childhood. It is a work that requires help, help from a guide, A guide able to hold hands. It was in Rebeca that I found this guide, it was her hand that allowed me to recognize who I am and therefore to re-establish my self-esteem. Thanks for the help and support in what was a difficult but necessary step. “


“I had the privilege of doing with Rebeca, the Transformation Game (a tool I strongly advise for those who need new challenges to go further in their personal and spiritual development) and psychotherapy.
I really like how Rebeca facilitates and guides us during the Game so that we can get to the meaning of it, which I found is something unique and very special. Also in therapy Rebeca surprised me. I had done psychotherapy before and always thought I had to do it with older, mature people … Rebeca showed me the opposite. Very empathic, she proved to be a professional with great maturity, wisdom and ability to listen, characteristics that make her an excellent therapist. I highly recommend. “


“For me the sessions of psychotherapy had a value that I cannot express, because I had the magical opportunity to speak and to be heard. I grew up a lot, because Rebeca’s incentive helped me to be constantly aware of what I was saying, to recognize within me the various conflicting voices, to value the various parts of myself and to find new resources within me. I am eternally grateful.”


“I did therapy with Rebeca for some years. It was not my first therapy experience, but it was certainly a completely different experience. When we do therapy it is important that we feel good and comfortable and that we trust our therapist, and with Rebeca, this happened naturally. We are going through very difficult and complicated areas of ourselves, in which we will feel fragile and alone … That is why I feel that it is important to be accompanied by someone who gives us some security in this journey, And so I highly recommend Rebeca, who has a very calming energy and is able to lead us safely in this journey that is done by us during therapy. In my case I feel it was a very important step in my personal evolution, and I feel that this was made very easy because it was Rebeca who was accompanying me in this process. And I am very thankful to her!”


“Rebeca, with all the sweetness and calm that characterizes her, taught me that the wisest answers are within us and not in others as we often look for, just stop a little and listen. I am grateful for this and much more , thanks.”


“Therapy with Rebeca was an awakening that allowed me to step up the path of personal development and emotional balance.”