Become who you are. Become all that you are. There is still more of you — more to be discovered, forgiven, and loved.

Carl Jung


People seek therapy for various reasons:

Stress, anxiety, panic attacks


Low self esteem and confidence

Grief and loss

Family and relationship issues

Search for meaning and purpose

Addictive behavior 

Physical, mental and psychological abuse



Significant life changes


Whatever your reason is, know that you can expect a space where you will be received with respect, understanding and confidentiality.

Taking The First Step

After a inicial contact we will schedule a first session where your needs, expectations and goals will be identified. This session will give us both, the opportunity to get to know each other, to see if therapy is right for you and to decide if we can work together.

Clients & language

I work with adolescents and adults of any ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender and sexual orientation.

Sessions can be in English or Portuguese.

Short Term & Long Term Therapy

I offer short and long term therapy.

In general, short-term therapy is focused on a particular subject, and long-term therapy explores deeper and more complex issues and patterns.

Session Information


Face-to-face psychotherapy sessions can be schedule in two different locations: LISBON and TORRES VEDRAS.

Usually sessions will happen weekly but other frequency can be arranged if appropriate.


Online psychotherapy sessions are an excellent alternative for those who, for various reasons, do not have the possibility to come to the practice in person.

More information in Online Therapy.

For more information about the sessions and my approach see FAQ.


My approach is Psychosynthesis, an integrative and transpersonal psychotherapy that works with the body, mind and soul, and which also incorporates elements of Psychodynamics, Gestalt, Mindfulness and Cognitive Behavior.

Psychosynthesis is a psychological approach to the growth of the person, which was developed by the Italian psychiatrist Roberto Assagioli (1888-1974).

Psychosynthesis believes that every human being has a vast potential that is generally little recognized and used. He also believes that each one has within himself the ability to have access to that potential. Psychosynthesis is often seen as a process of awareness, of its own potential, in which the person has an inner knowledge and a wisdom of what he needs at any moment for this process to develop.

The role of the therapist is to help the person to identify these internal resources, to be attentive and to support the process that is wanting to emerge in the person. In psychotherapy in psychosynthesis, the therapist seeks to collaborate with the natural processes of personal and transpersonal growth of his client, as well as support him to understand and manage his inner world, to improve his relationships, to understand his creative potential and To explore the meaning and purpose of your life.

Psychosynthesis is a therapy where in addition to direct speech / talk it uses a variety of techniques that take into account the client’s present situation, his goals, needs and his unique path of development.
Some of the most used techniques are: guided meditation and visualization, body movement, work with symbols, work with art, journaling, will training, goal formulation, work with dreams, development of the imagination and intuition, gestalt and ideal models.

The therapeutic process begins with what is current in the person’s life and encourages him/her in the direction of the fuller expression of its own potential.

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